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Today,China Coal Sent A Batch Of 36U-ShapedSteel Arch Support

Date:2021-03-20     Label:

Steel Arch Support

Support Arch

Mine Roof Support

The 36U steel arch support,support arch,mine roof support of China Coal ordered by a coal industry group in Jincheng, Shanxi, was delivered today.

The mine roof support plant is responsible for the production and sales of U-shaped support arch of various specifications, the main specifications are 25U, 29U, 36U, 40U, etc. China Coal has a complete production and processing system for many years, and has a group of skilled engineers. According to the customer's specific requirements, we will customize the processing and make the support arch products that satisfy the customers. The U-shaped steel arch support produced by China Coal Group not only inherits the advantages of the previous mining support materials, but also because of its high pressure, long support time, easy installation and non-deformation, etc., it is praised and favored by many domestic and foreign coal mining enterprises.

The mine roof support plant under the China Coal Group has transacted many product orders through online channels. Products such as left and right screw bolts, pipe joint bolts, steel strands, meshes, pallets and other products are guaranteed a large number of shipments every day. Of course, the flagship product of China Coal Support—U-shaped steel arch suport is indispensable.

Today,China Coal Sent A Batch Of 36U-ShapedSteel Arch Support

The reason why China Coal has been able to win the trust of more and more users for many years has been relying on two words-quality. These seemingly simple words are extremely difficult to do well. China Coal has gone through years of hard work and exploration, and always regards quality as the soul of its own development. In product processing, China Coal has been conscientious and meticulous in the "craftsman spirit" to make every small part, bringing customers 100% Qualified products: In terms of customer service, China Coal will solve all the problems in the use of products for customers with the top service quality of 24x7 hours. At the same time, China Coal will try its best to meet all the requirements of customers, not rigid, know how to work, and ensure that customers are satisfied after cooperation with China Coal.

China Coal Mine Roof Support, with more than 20 years of professional experience, is a market leader in the field of mining support. Do our best to provide our customers with the most stable and reliable U-shaped steel brackets, mining steel brackets, and mining U-shaped steel support arch products on the market.



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