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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Construction Of U-shaped Steel Arch Support Mine Roof Support?

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U-shaped Mine Roof Supports are widely used in mine roadway support and mountain tunnel support, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents such as roof fall and gangway, and are safe and reliable.
Mine accidents often occur. For the sake of safety, strictly follow the correct erection method of U-shaped steel brackets to ensure personal safety and smooth progress of the project.
Attention should be paid to the construction of U-shaped Mine Roof Supports:
When erecting U-shaped Steel Arch Supports, a working platform must be built at the construction site. The legs of the platform must be on the hard bottom and set firmly. A large plate with a thickness of 50mm is placed on the platform beam and connected with nails. The platform must be erected firmly and reliably. .
When erecting the U-shaped steel bracket, the legs should be planted and stabilized first, and each section of the U-shaped Steel Arch Support should be firmly clamped from the two gangs in turn, and the fastening screws should be tightened.
Four people are required to lift the steel shed of the arch section. After it is fixed, a special person will send a signal. You can search for Yimei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to inquire.
Only the shed lifters can lift the steel shed away from the shoulders. After the shed is erected, the waist should be over the top in time, the back of the wall should be filled tightly, and the wooden wedge should be used for strength. The work of erecting the shed must be carried out continuously, and the work shall not be suspended until a shed is properly erected.
When erecting a U-shaped Steel Arch Support, only two crops can be pulled at most, and the spacing between the two crops shall not be less than 20m, and no one shall be allowed between the two crops.