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The Stress Principle Of U-shaped Steel Arch Support

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Steel Arch Support

Support Arch

Mine Roof Support

The stress principle of U-shaped Steel Arch Support

The best stress state of the U-shaped steel support is that the back wall is filled and compacted to make it press evenly. When the pressure value of the surrounding rock applied to the U-shaped steel support reaches a certain value, the support will be compressed, so that the surrounding rock acts on the U-shaped steel support. The pressure on the Steel Arch Support is reduced, so as to avoid the damage of the bracket due to the pressure of the surrounding rock being greater than the bearing capacity of the u-shaped Steel Arch Support.

According to the specific situation of the site, flexibly select the type, structure and shed spacing of the U-shaped steel support, correctly guide the construction of the U-shaped steel support in the roadway, and ensure its effective and reliable work. It is of great significance to ensure safe production, extend service life, obtain better technical and economic benefits, and give full play to the supporting performance of the bracket. Similar support products include miner steel, U-shaped steel, light rail and other mining steel. And independently produce and process various U-shaped Steel Arch Support, miners' Steel Arch Support, cables, bolts, pallets, single hydraulic props and other mining materials. Zhongxiang Company has also established long-term friendly cooperative relations with major steel mills such as Shougang, Xuangang, Handan, Wuhan, Angang, etc. The products have been serving the major, medium and small mining bureaus in the country for a long time, and are exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia and other regions. The application of U-shaped steel straight wall semi-circular arch bracket lifting shed at the intersection point of the mining roadway has achieved remarkable results. The use of U-shaped steel retractable brackets can better solve the problem of tunnel support.



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