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China Coal Group Held A Symposium To Celebrate The 96th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Army

Date:2023-08-08     Label:

China Coal News Army Symposium

In order to celebrate the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, on July 29, China Coal Group held a symposium to celebrate the 96th anniversary of the founding of the army in the party members' activity center. More than 50 people, including Shandong Province's Excellent Military Entrepreneurs, the Commander of China Coal Group's Militia Platoon, the group's Executive Vice President and General Manager of E-commerce, Yu Cui, Guan Chenghui, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Lu Shuli, as well as veterans from various companies of the group, family members of soldiers, and the group's militia platoon, got together and celebrated the military festival together.

At the symposium, Yu Cui, Excellent Military Entrepreneur of Shandong Province, Commander of Militia Platoon of China Coal Group, Executive Vice President of the Group, General Manager of electric business, delivered a speech, in which Mr. Yu firstly sent his greetings to all veterans, military families and militia platoon, and fully affirmed that the majority of veterans, military families and militia platoon of the Group have made outstanding contributions to the development of the Group in their respective positions. Mr. Yu pointed out that all veterans have been cultivated and refined by the army, and they have good ideological and political quality, selfless dedication, strict concept of law-abiding and tenacious and solid work style. Mr. Yu emphasized that the Group, as an excellent military enterprise in Shandong Province, an excellent military enterprise in Jining City, and the vice-chairman unit of Jining City Association for the Care of Veterans, has always attached importance to the work of veterans, and regarded the resettlement of veterans as an enterprise's unshirkable responsibility and obligation, and has always regarded the veterans as an important part of the Group's cadres and backbone team, and hoped that the majority of veterans would continue to keep the military's outstanding character and actively play the role of a model military officer in their respective positions. It is hoped that the veterans will continue to maintain the excellent character of soldiers in their respective positions, actively play the exemplary leading role of soldiers, strive to become the backbone of their positions and professional skills, and strive to make new achievements in the development of the Group.

Subsequently, veterans and family members of veterans made speeches respectively. They recalled the past glory, shared their military life, and unanimously expressed that they would continue to carry forward the fine traditions of the army, keep the character of soldiers, not forgetting the original intention, keeping the mission in mind, and make concerted efforts to contribute their strength to the high-quality development of the Group.

The convening of this symposium eulogized the great achievements made by the People's Liberation Army to the great motherland and the people, brought us back to the memory of the heady days and the inheritance of the red gene, and strengthened the determination of China Coal Group to continue to maintain and carry forward the fine tradition of patriotism and support for the military and the government and the people of the Party and our army, and we will do a good job of providing services and protection for the veterans in the future, and actively create the opportunities for them to grow and exercise and platforms for them to develop their talents, so as to open a new situation of dual-supporting co-construction, and write a new chapter on the unity of the military and the people together!



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