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Famous Military Painter Master Dai Jiyang Presented Masterpieces of Painting and Calligraphy to China Coal Group

Date:2023-11-23     Label:

China Coal News Painting Ceremony

On November 16th, the painting ceremony of Dai Jiyang, president of China National Gift Ceramics Research Institute and famous military painter, was held in the conference center of China Coal Group. China's famous military painter Dai Jiyang presented the theme of "Rising Sun" painting and calligraphy works created by him to China Coal Group. Sun Aimin, Former Executive Vice Minister and Second Grade Inspector of Jining Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Chairman of Jining City Journalists Association and secretary of Jining City Old Photographers Association, Nie Zhiquan, Former Executive Vice Minister of Jining Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, attended the ceremony, while Qu Qing, Chairman of China Coal Group, Han Yong, General Manager of the group, Li Zhenbo, General Manager of informatization and General Manager of China Transportation Group, Shao Hua, Executive Vice General Manager of China Coal Group Executive Vice President, General Manager of E-commerce Yu Cui, Deputy Secretary of the Group's Party Committee Guan Chenghui, Lu Shuli and other leaders and all the company's staff to attend the ceremony, the meeting was presided over by the group's general manager assistant, Wang Man, Deputy Director of Jining GongXin Business Training School.

Firstly, Mr. Han, on behalf of all employees of the group, expresses sincere gratitude to Dean Dai for his tireless efforts over the past few days, and warmly welcomes the arrival of all leaders and guests. He stated that Dean Dai is a famous military painter, ceramic art master, gold medalist craftsman, inheritor of the Lu school's inner painting, and a first-class Chinese artist. The reason why Dean Dai is called a calligrapher and painter with both virtue and art is not only because he has high calligraphy and painting skills, but also because he has created more peak works that showcase the spirit of Chinese aesthetics and reflect the aesthetic style of China on the fertile soil of excellent traditional culture, China Coal Group will take this event as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the construction of corporate culture and enhance corporate cohesion.

Later, President Qu said in his speech that President Dai's painting "Rising Sun" combines the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers with humanistic ideas to form a landscape painting with unique charm, which is to send China Coal Group a brilliant and auspicious view by taking advantage of the bright golden light of rising sun! This painting is full of sincere and mellow wishes, which makes us feel the deep truth. This activity not only promotes the excellent traditional culture of China, but also enriches the spiritual and cultural life of China Coal Group, builds a platform for mutual exchange and communication between China Coal Group and President Dai, promotes the cultural construction of China Coal Group, and injects spiritual power and cultural source into the high-quality development of China Coal Group.

Minister Nie congratulated the ceremony and said that China Coal Group would certainly transform President Dai's kindness into the source power to promote the high-quality development of the company, actively integrate into and actively serve the overall economic and social development of Shandong, and make new and greater contributions to the steady growth of the province.

At the painting ceremony, President Dai introduced the artistic creation idea of the work: the inspiration of the work comes from the achievements made by China Coal Group in the development of intelligent manufacturing industry of industrial and mining machinery and equipment and construction machinery, and it highlights the harmonious beauty of the field of intelligent manufacturing through the meaning of "there is a feeling in the painting, there is a water in the mountain, and there is a spirit in the object", and reflects the valuable spiritual qualities of China's people in three colors of the times: "initial heart red", "struggle green" and "solid work gold". The three colors of the times, namely "Beginner's heart red", "Struggle green" and "Practical work gold", reflect the valuable spiritual qualities of the people of China Coal. Water gathering into a pool, wealth is unquantifiable, a steady flow of water, implying a steady flow of wealth; grass and trees, unlimited vitality, the mountains of trees, implying prosperity. After the interpretation, President Dai also presented the calligraphy and painting works for other people, and encouraged the staff of China Coal to devote themselves to their work with a new outlook and full of enthusiasm under the beautiful symbolism of the calligraphy and painting work "The Rising Sun", and strive to show the magnificent future of the people of China Coal in the new era.

In order to further enhance the corporate culture construction of China Coal Group, the famous military painter Master Dai Jiyang was hired as the senior advisor of China Coal Group's culture and art, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Drainage issued the Senior Advisor Appointment Letter to President Dai.

When the time is right, the wind is just right to set sail. Looking into the future, the spiritual civilization construction of China Coal Group will be vigorous and vigorous, and further unite and rally the people of China Coal Group in the new era, so that they will continue to maintain a high spirit on the road of change and transformation, and work together to move forward towards the goal of the world's first-class intelligent manufacturing enterprise.

Artist Profile:

Dai Jiyang, famous painter, ceramic art master, gold medal craftsman, Lu school of interior painting inheritor, China's first-class artist, China Art Research Institute intermediate researcher, China Arts and Crafts Artists Association member, Chinese Nationalities Calligraphers and Painters Association vice-chairman, 7501 ceramics research institute researcher, the Chinese national gift of the ceramic art institute vice-president of the contemporary Chinese porcelain art consultant, China Association of Chinese Visual Artists Poetry, Calligraphy and Paintings Association members, Confucius Confucianism Art director of the University Hall, member of the Ethnic Culture and Art Work Committee, member of the Creative Base of China Ethnic Minority Foreign Exchange Association, contracted painter of Shandong Zibo Jin Yipin Art Co.



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