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Jining City Industry And Information Technology Bureau Visited China Coal Group

Date:2023-11-29     Label:

China Coal News Digital Transformation

On November 22, Yu Xiao, Deputy Director of Jining City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Pang Huimin, Chief of Electronic Information Industry Section, and Sun Xiaowen of Industrial Internet Section, accompanied by Liu Kai, Director of Comprehensive Division of Economic Operation Bureau of High-tech Zone, Zhang Qian, Director of Informatization Promotion Division, and Zhang Yanbing, Deputy Director of Operation Monitoring and Coordination Division, came to visit our group to give guidance on the development of intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation. Han Yong, General Manager of China Coal Group, Li Zhenbo, General Manager of Informatization of China Coal Group and General Manager of Zhongyun Group, Shao Hua, Executive Vice President of China Coal Group and General Manager of Manufacturing Corporation, Guan Chenghui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, and Wang Hui, General Manager of Shandong Carter Intelligent Robotics Company Limited under the Group, and other leaders accompanied the visit.

Accompanied by Mr. Han and other leaders, Mr. Yu and his party visited the exhibition hall of intelligent manufacturing achievements of China Coal Group, intelligent manufacturing workshop and digital construction machinery workshop, e-commerce company, cross-border e-commerce company, big data center, operation company and technology company. During the visit, Mr. Han introduced the Group's development history, science and technology research and development, market prospect and future development plan to Mr. Yu and his delegation in detail. Afterwards, Mr. Li reported in detail to Director Yu and his party about the Group's perfect layout and innovative applications in intelligent manufacturing, digital transformation and the use of industrial Internet in helping industrial digitization and digital industrialization.

Director Yu and his entourage listened to the development of China Coal Group, the progress of intelligent transformation and digital transformation, the effectiveness and the next plan, focusing on the digital transformation pain points and difficulties in-depth exchanges and give targeted advice. Through the visit, Director Yu highly affirmed the achievements made by our group in the development of intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation, and spoke highly of the comprehensive strength of our group's high-end equipment manufacturing, intelligent production lines, digital transformation empowerment, and e-commerce sales model and a new generation of information technology achievements. Director Yu said that through this visit, he personally felt the strong manufacturing strength and technical research and development capability of China Coal Group, while the Group's intelligent manufacturing industry is also moving towards the direction of technological innovation, and has achieved remarkable results in the fields of intelligent manufacturing of coal mining machinery and construction machinery, robotics, drones, etc., which occupy an important position in the international market and have a certain degree of influence in the global context.

Mr. Han expressed his sincere gratitude to the leaders of the Industrial and Information Bureau of Jining City and the Economic Operation Bureau of the High tech Zone for their strong support to the development of our group over the years. In the next step, our group will continue to promote digital transformation and intelligent transformation, accelerate the process of enterprise digital, networked, and intelligent transformation, improve production efficiency, enhance internal driving force, and inject new impetus into the high-quality development of the group's globalization, To promote the development of a strong manufacturing city in Jining!



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