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China Coal Group Goes All Out For Busy Shipments

Date:2024-03-08     Label:

China Coal News Hot Orders

Recently, orders from all over the country have been coming in thick and fast, and China Coal Group has ushered in a small peak of shipments. on March 5, a truck full of high-quality China Coal mini-excavators, mining material trucks, suspended monobloc hydraulic pillars and other products were lined up and ready to ship in China Coal Industrial Park, which were about to be shipped to Shanxi, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Qingdao of Shandong Province, and other places.

China Coal Group orders fire, production fire, transportation fire ...... for quality and quantity efficient delivery of products to the terminal, the departments of the synergistic force, riveting energy, go all out into the production and delivery. In the busy mining equipment and construction machinery production line, a batch of high-quality, high-performance, safe and durable China Coal products relying on advanced production equipment, mature technology, standardized production process, strict testing equipment, after a full range of testing, verification, zero defects off the line, sent to all over the world.

With the hot growth of product orders, it can be seen that China Coal mining equipment and construction machinery products are extraordinary! China Coal Group has fully carried out all preparations for the war, from warehouse planning to staffing and equipment configuration, order system, distribution security and other aspects of a good all-round layout, to ensure that the delivery of orders during the peak period of time, to ensure that in the first time for all customers to send the best quality products and the most excellent service.

Adhering to the business principle of "Quality First, Customer First", China Coal Group has been focusing on mining equipment and construction machinery manufacturing industry for 30 years, and adhering to the corporate mission of providing customers with the best quality, the most advanced and the most professional mining equipment and construction machinery. Strong sales and busy production are the customers' affirmation of the products of China Coal Group! For this reason, our group will continue to adhere to the original intention, forge ahead, and create higher quality products for domestic and foreign merchants!



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