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China Coal Group Launches Pastry Skills Training For Female Workers To Celebration ‘March 8

Date:2024-03-14     Label:

China Coal News March 8 Celebration Pastry Skills Training

In order to welcome the 114th International Women's Day, enhance women's happiness, and create a joyful and harmonious festive atmosphere, on the afternoon of March 8, Jining Industrial, Information and Business Vocational Training Institute under the Group, in conjunction with Jining Hi-Tech District Federation of Trade Unions, carried out the "Welcome to March 8" Pastry Skills Training for Female Workers.

During the activity, Mr. Zhao Jixin from Jining GongXin Business Training School, Information and Business Vocational Training Institute explained the skills of laminating and cake making process. Through the detailed explanation and specific demonstration of the teacher, the workers rolled up their sleeves and started to make the cake according to the steps, which made the scene cozy and lively, and soon a cake embryo became beautifully exquisite under the elaborate work of the workers. The whole activity site was filled with sweet flavor, and the smiles of female workers were as sweet as snacks, and the baking activity drew a successful conclusion in the sweet and joyful atmosphere.

The "Celebration of March 8" pastry skills training activities not only brought a dessert feast for everyone, provided a platform for the majority of female workers to exchange baking experience and increase baking knowledge, but also enriched the spiritual life and amateur life of women compatriots, and increased the enthusiasm of women to create a better family and build a better life.

Youth is beautiful, and life is colorful. This baking activity demonstrated the different styles of female workers of China Coal Group; at the same time, it also let the female workers struggling in the production and work line of the enterprise relax, relieve the pressure, enhance the communication and friendship, and enjoy the different flavors of life.



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