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Congratulate To China Coal Group High Tech Products 9DVR Cinema Simulator Dynamic Seat Launch on the Market

Date:2016-05-18     Label:

China Coal Group

9DVR Cinema Simulator


Only sitting at home, you can experience a exciting roller coaster ride, gently turning the head, you can accurately target the goal and kill the enemy with one click through the handle, It can also be virtual fighting, virtual flying, virtual driving, thrilling and screaming, all you need is a 360 degree panoramic glasses, then sitting on the 9DVR virtual reality seat which is the latest high-tech product of China Coal Group, a journey of top virtual reality experience begins......
Recently, 9DVR virtual reality seat which independent developed by China Coal Group shandong kate Intelligent robot company launched on the market, It adopts a 360 degree panoramic view, 1080P binocular independent HD resolution and special digital immersive 9D helmet, It will give you a real enjoyment of the travel to the new world regardless of the towering mountains, running brook, vast sky or boundless sea. Everything is so immersive, the virtual fantasy once existed in the brain become a reality now. It lets you travel between the virtual and reality and will bring you a fantastic journey.
Recently,our Group actively responded to the National call about the intelligent industry development and established the Shandong Kate intelligent robot Co., Ltd, which reached the technical alliance with the German KUKA robot group and University of Science and Technology of China. We develop the world''s leading 9DVR high-end entertainment interactive high-tech products through the introduction of the most advanced international virtual reality technology and innovative design concept. This launch of 9DVR virtual reality seat will accelerate the enhancement of overall Group strength on the aspect of Internet plus and Intelligent manufacturing, and expand our Group market share in the entertainment intelligent high tech area. It also marks our smart high-tech entertainment officially on the road of marketization and industrialization, and further enhance the high-tech strength of our Group in the high end entertainment technology intelligent control field!



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