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Explain The Steps Of U-shaped Mine Roof Support

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Explain The Steps Of U-shaped Mine Roof Support

Explain the steps of U-shaped Mine Roof Support

U-shaped steel bracket U-shaped Mine Roof Support has simple structure, strong support ability, detachable, but also reusable, is the mine underground support equipment, currently commonly used models are U25, U36 three models; Coal mine in the safety of U-shaped sleeve mining, only need to be prepared in advance to play the column, and then by the outlet of the roof in the bolt with anchor cable support, on both sides of the roof with Mine Roof Support cover top wood, and then strengthen the usual frequency maintenance of the roof, so that U-shaped soft rock in the unstable thick coal seam open. Mine Roof Support Compared with other rigid supports, U-shaped steel supports have the characteristics of retractable ability and reliability, adapt to the load and deformation of soft surrounding rock, high utilization rate of section, convenient support back, small maintenance, high recycling rate of support, reduce the use of pit materials, environmental benefits are very obvious.

U-shaped Mine Roof Support, the application of U-shaped steel support in mining roadway bifurcation point has achieved remarkable results, and is favored by the vast mining machinery industry.