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Experience Summary Of U - Shaped Underground Roof Support

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Experience summary of u - shaped Underground Roof Support
1. The design of U-shaped steel bracket "U-shaped" U-shaped assembly is actually to achieve a better stress state. After filling and compacting the pipe wall, it is pressurized uniformly. Compared with other rigid supports, U-shaped Underground Roof Support have the characteristics of retractable ability and reliability, adapt to the load and deformation of soft surrounding rock, high utilization rate of section, convenient support back, small maintenance, high recycling rate of support, reduce the use of pit materials, environmental benefits are very obvious.
2, u shaped Underground Roof Support for mining u shaped steel bracket main characteristics: under pressure, support point for a long time, easy assembly is not easy to replace and so on.

3. U-shaped steel support, the application of U-shaped steel support in mining roadway bifurcation point has achieved remarkable results, and is favored by the majority of mining machinery industry. In fact, the design of "U" shaped U-shaped assembly is to achieve a better stress state, so that the pipe wall is uniformly compressed after filling and compaction. For the pressure value of surrounding rock at a certain time when the U-shaped assembly is installed, the support can produce pressure, relieve the pressure from the outside, and reduce the risk of mining under the operation. U-shaped Underground Roof Support under high pressure, long support time, easy installation is not easy to deformation, etc.



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