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Notable Features Of Mine Roof Support

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Mine Roof Support

Roof Support

Steel Support

Mine Roof Support is a simple, economical and practical support equipment for mine support. It has the effect of reducing the occurrence of accidents such as roof collapse and sheet metal, which is safe and reliable, and improves the stability of the mine ventilation system. The choice of Steel Arch Support is a good solution to the problem of tunneling support. Widely used in mine roadways, secondary support of mine roadways, and support support for mountain tunnels. Mine Roof Support is deeply loved by the mining machinery industry due to its high pressure, long support time, easy installation and deformation.

Mine Roof Support features

1. Mine Roof Support is under great pressure, long-lasting support, and easy to install and not easily deformed.
2. Mine Roof Support has shrinkage, stable and reliable load carrying capacity compared to other rigid supports, adapting to the load and deformation of soft surrounding rock.
3. The Mine Roof Support has a high utilization rate, convenient support for the support, and small maintenance.
4, Mine Roof Support recycling and recycling rate is high, reducing the use of pit wood, environmental benefits are very obvious. The project is safe and reliable, effectively reducing the occurrence of accidents such as roofing and sheeting, and improving the stability of the mine ventilation system.

The promotion and application research of the project has improved the safe production conditions of the mine, reduced the production cost, and conformed to the policy of environmental protection to replace wood with steel, with good environmental benefits and social and economic benefits.

Notable Features Of Mine Roof Support



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