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Advantages Of U-Shaped Underground Tunnel Roof Support

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Tunnel Roof Support

Steel Arch Support

Underground Roof Support

U-shaped steel arch support (full name: hot-rolled U-shaped steel for mine roadway support)
U-shaped steel support is a kind of steel whose cross-section resembles the English letter "U", and sometimes the street surface is shaped like the Japanese letter "ひ". The new standard was issued in 2008 and was implemented on April 1, 2009. The national recommended standard GB/T 4697-2008

1) U-shaped tunnel roof support has good cross-sectional shape and geometric parameters. The U-shaped underground roof support processed by it can better adapt to the characteristics of large deformation of surrounding rock and large ground pressure, and it has some other supports in roadway support. The advantages of comparison. The U-shaped steel arch support adopts three U-shaped tunnel roof support to lap the combination, and the cable is fastened and connected, so that the bracket structure is rigorous and the pressure on the bracket is not concentrated. The reason is that the arched arc is similar to the stress distribution of the natural arch of the roadway, and the force of the support is more uniform, which is much stronger than the previous wooden ladder shed and I-steel trapezoidal plane support.

Advantages Of U-Shaped Underground Tunnel Roof Support

2) The U-shaped steel arch support has a large safety factor and strong disaster resistance. The U-shaped steel bracket is fastened with two cables on each side to make the bracket structure rigorous. The beam legs are tightly combined into one body. The overall bonding force is strong. The legs are not easy to be knocked off. Because of its high pressure performance, the support is not easy to sink significantly, and it will cause roof fall when falling down.

3) The U-shaped underground roof support shed has a higher mining height than the previous wooden ladder shed and I-shaped ladder shed, with a relatively large cross-sectional area, which is good for ventilation and traffic, and is convenient for walking.

4) The U-shaped steel arch support has high compressive strength, good support protection performance, small deformation, and easy maintenance of quality standardization. The original state is basically maintained during tunneling and even stoping. In addition, metal mesh roof protection is often used in construction. , Provide a reliable guarantee for the realization of safe and stable production.



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