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Dutifully And Practically Start A New Situation 丨China Coal Group Grandly Held The 2024 Opening Ceremony

Date:2024-02-21     Label:

China Coal News 2024 Groundbreaking Celebration

On February 18th, the ninth day of the first month of the Year of the Dragon, Shandong China Coal Group headquartered in the industrial park, firecrackers cracking, lively and extraordinary, pragmatic and progressive people of China Coal people in full gear, with a full state of mind and enthusiasm for work ushered in the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday. In the blessing of "Good New Year", the chairman of China Coal Group, Mr. Qiu Qing, led the leadership team of the group and all the staff to gather in China Coal Industrial Park, blowing the horn of 'Dragon and Tiger Leap' in the New Year, and the 2024 China Coal Group Work Starting Ceremony kicked off.

Accompanied by the sound of firecrackers, all the staff moved to the conference center of China Coal Group and held the 2024 Chinese New Year Celebration of China Coal Group in a grand manner. First of all, Han Yong, general manager of China Coal Group, on behalf of the group's leadership team, sent Chinese New Year blessings to all employees. "2023 is a very extraordinary year in the group's development process, in the face of the severe market situation, we are tough to move forward, walking solid and powerful, safe and orderly production, industrial upgrading, green transformation has a new development, scientific and technological innovation to stimulate new kinetic energy, the party's construction to a new stage, people's livelihoods and well-being of the new enhancement, to take practical action to hand over a struggle for a powerful new answer sheet! The year 2024 is a key year for the implementation of the '14th Five-Year Plan', and also a key year for the Group to comprehensively promote high-quality development, and we should be guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, and actively practice the great call of 'socialism is a work in progress', revitalize confidence, and make real progress. Call, boost confidence, practical work and bear, in the officer entrepreneurial writing belongs to China Coal Group's gorgeous chapter!" Han Yong said with confidence. Subsequently, Li Zhenbo, General Manager of Informatization of China Coal Group and General Manager of China Transportation Group, Shao Hua, Executive Vice President of China Coal Group and General Manager of Manufacturing Corporation, Yu Cui, Executive Vice President of China Coal Group and General Manager of E-commerce Company, and Guan Chenghui, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, delivered speeches respectively.

Welcome the Year of Dragon and get together happily. The senior leaders of the Group awarded honorary certificates to the sales pacesetters and advanced individuals of China Coal Group, acknowledged the achievements of the awardees in the year 2023, and warmly congratulated them, paying high respect and heartfelt thanks for their hard work in the year. At the same time, they were encouraged to go all out in 2024 to fully complete the various targets and tasks set by the Group Company and create another success.

Sparkling new year, going to the mountains and the sea together. China Coal Group 2024 Chinese New Year Celebration was brilliantly staged, the scene was brilliantly lighted and full of seats, the backbone of arts and culture from all levels of the group, young workers with full of passion and jittery spirit, to dedicate a unique, highlights of the audio-visual feast. The programs of this cultural performance were written and directed by the group staff, covering songs, dances, operas, instrumental solos, poetry recitations and other performances, in a rich and wonderful form, the staff turned their love and blessings for the enterprise into graceful dance, passionate melody, and danced and sang for the advancement of the new journey!

The cultural performance also set up a lucky draw, and the exciting lucky draw once pushed the atmosphere of the venue to the climax. The gala has a prominent ideological theme, adheres to artistic originality, celebrates warmly, joyfully and peacefully, shows the gratifying achievements of our group in the new journey of high-quality development from multiple angles, expresses the touching story of China Coal people who overcome difficulties and dare to be the first to be first, and fully demonstrates the upward spirit of all the staff.

The road is simple, and practical work is important. Standing on the new journey, all the staff of China Coal Group will gather the ideological synergy, anchor the high-quality development tasks and objectives, adhering to the corporate mission of "responsible for the country, responsible for the society, responsible for the customers, responsible for the employees", join hands to forge ahead, rise to the challenge, and strive to promote the work of all the work to speed up and improve the quality of the effectiveness of the Group, in order to write a colorful chapter of high-quality development of China Coal Group in the new era and unremitting efforts! We will strive to write a colorful chapter of high-quality development of China Coal Group in the new era!



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