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China Coal Group Won The Honorary Title Of '2023 Jining High-Tech Zone All-Employee Innovation Enterprise'

Date:2024-02-04     Label:

China Coal News Innovative Enterprise Honors

Recently, the Jining High-tech Zone Federation of Trade Unions, the Organization Department (Human Resources Department) of the High-tech Zone Party Working Committee, and the High-tech Zone Economic Operation Bureau jointly issued the 'Notice on the Announcement of the Results of the 'Five Small' Competition in Jining High-tech Zone in 2023. China Coal Group has also Won the honorary title of '2023 Jining High-tech Zone All-Employee Innovation Enterprise'. This honor is a full affirmation of our group’s long-term persistence in innovation and pursuit of excellence, and also adds another layer of glory to the group’s development path of technological innovation.

Since its establishment, China Coal Group has always adhered to the concept of 'focusing on innovation is to focus on development, seeking innovation is seeking for the future', intensifying scientific and technological innovation and reform efforts, building platforms, increasing investment, gathering talents, and accelerating the establishment of an innovation that deeply integrates industry, academia, and research. The system takes scientific and technological innovation as the core driver, improves quality and efficiency, and enhances the new driving force for competitive advantage. It has successively passed the Shandong Provincial Industrial Design Center, Shandong Provincial One Enterprise One Technology Center, Shandong Provincial Software Engineering Center, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Jining It was recognized as a municipal key laboratory and established two innovation studios. Up to now, it has obtained a total of 139 national patents and 103 national computer software copyright certificates; it has won the Shandong Provincial Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, the Shandong Provincial Employee Innovation and Effectiveness Achievements Third Prize, Jining Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Platform, and many employees have won Jining The city's 'Employee Innovation Expert', Jining City's 'Skills Champion' and other honors have created a strong atmosphere of respecting, advocating and encouraging innovation. During this inspection, China Coal Group not only showed its rigorous work attitude and excellent product quality to Djibouti merchants, but also actively communicated with customers in a timely manner to learn more about the Djibouti merchant market. This is very important for our group in the Djibouti merchant market. The development has had a great promotion effect, prompting the group to gain a firmer foothold in the Djibouti merchant market.

In the next step, China Coal Group will take this opportunity to continue to optimize the innovation working mechanism, encourage and guide employees to enhance their awareness of innovation, build a team of 'knowledge-based, skilled and innovative' high-skilled talents, and promote the company's continuous innovation. Create results. At the same time, we continue to carry out the 'Five Small Innovations' of small innovations, small inventions, small transformations, small designs, and small suggestions to stimulate the innovation potential of all employees, promote the innovation of all employees to continue to 'bloom and bear fruit', and lead all employees with a sense of responsibility that time waits for no one. The sense of urgency of seizing the day and night, showing new responsibilities and new actions in the new journey, gathering strong impetus for the high-quality development of enterprises, and contributing to the construction and reform of the industrial worker team in the new era.



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