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Warmth And Welcome To The New Year丨China Coal Group Distributed Warm Benefits To All Employees

Date:2024-02-04     Label:

China Coal News Issuing Spring Festival Welfare

Say goodbye to the old year with laughter, welcome the new year with warmth! On the occasion of 2024 Spring Festival, in order to thank all the staff for their hard work in the past year, enhance the cohesion of the group and the sense of belonging of the staff, and to celebrate a joyful, happy and peaceful Chinese New Year, China Coal Group issued warm Spring Festival benefits for all the staff on February 5, sending strong care and New Year's blessings to all of them!

Although the weather was cold, the Spring Festival welfare distribution site was in full swing and full of joy, overflowing with a warm and harmonious atmosphere. The organizers cooperated well with each other and each department was in order. When an exquisite and affordable welfare was issued to the employees, they were overflowing with joy and fully felt the warmth of the Group's big family. The heavy Chinese New Year benefits not only sent the love and care of China Coal Group to the majority of employees, but also brought a strong flavor of the New Year, making everyone truly experience the happiness and sense of belonging as a member of China Coal.

Over the years, the Group's leadership attaches great importance to the humanistic care of the staff, every major traditional holidays will personally visit the front line to sympathize with the staff, the distribution of thoughtful, affordable holiday benefits, for the majority of employees to send strong care and warmth, and share the fruits of corporate development with everyone. This not only enhances the sense of belonging and happiness of the majority of employees, but also further strengthens the cohesion of the work, ensuring that all employees with the Group's New Year's blessings, with a happy mood, with a more full of enthusiasm for work into the future work.

A gift, a care. Every New Year's Eve, the rich welfare has become a bright landscape of China Coal Group! While feeling the care of the Group and the strong flavor of the New Year, everyone expressed that in the new year, they would turn the care given by the Group into the driving force of work, be loyal to their duties, fulfill their responsibilities, work hand in hand, and make more contributions to the development of the Group with full enthusiasm for their work to create a beautiful new chapter of 2024!



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