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General Regulations for Operation of Steel Mine Supports Workers in Fully-mechanized Coal Mine Teams

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Steel Arch Support

Tunnel Roof Support

Steel Mine Supports

1. The hydraulic support worker must be familiar with the performance, structure, principle and hydraulic control system of the hydraulic support, master this operating procedure, be able to maintain the hydraulic support according to good standards, understand the roof management knowledge and "work surface operating procedures", and pass the training and examination. And hold a certificate to work.

2. It is strictly forbidden to operate the support when the shut-off valve of the hydraulic system is closed.

3. The bracket should be kept in good condition, otherwise it is not allowed to operate the bracket.

4. The steel arch support worker should work closely with the shearer driver. If the distance between the tunnel roof support and the shearer exceeds the requirements of the "Operation Regulations" when moving the frame, the coal mining machine should be stopped on request.

5. Grasp the reasonable height of the bracket: the tunnel roof support height should be less than 100mm of the maximum height of the bracket design, and the steel mine supports height should be less than 200mm of the minimum height of the bracket design. When the height of the working face does not meet the above requirements, measures should be taken before moving the frame. The extension length of the mechanical extension rod of each column in the support should be basically the same, and the stroke of the movable column should ensure that the support is not "squeezed".

6. The valve block, column and jack used in the support are generally not allowed to be disassembled and inspected underground, and can be replaced as a whole. Before replacement, shrink the cylinder to the shortest possible length, and wear a dust cap at the joint.

7. The pipelines passing through the tunnel roof support should be hung and arranged neatly, and there should be no smashing, crushing, squeezing, burying or twisting, otherwise the support is not allowed to be operated.

8. All kinds of spare hydraulic hoses, valve groups, hydraulic cylinders, pipe joints, etc. should be blocked with special plugs, and cleaned with emulsion when replacing them.

9. When replacing the hose and hydraulic parts of the valve group, it should only be carried out in the "no pressure" state, otherwise the high-pressure outlet is not allowed to face anyone.

10. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle and adjust the safety valve on the bracket at will.

11. During the operation of the stent, it is necessary to master 8 operating essentials to achieve "fast, uniform, adequate, upright, straight, stable, strict, and clean", namely:

General Regulations for Operation of Steel Mine Supports Workers in Fully-mechanized Coal Mine Teams (Part 1)

Various operations must be fast.
The moving speed should be uniform.
The step of moving the frame must comply with the operating regulations.
The position of the stent should be upright and not bite.
Each group of steel arch support should be arranged in a straight line.
The support and scraper must be stable and reliable.
The top beam and the top plate should be in close contact with each other without leaving any gaps.



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