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Practical Significance Of Steel Support For Mine Roadway Support Equipment

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Steel Support

Steel Arch Support

Support Arch

Practical significance of steel support for mine roadway Support Arch

my country's coal mines are mainly underground mining, and a large number of tunnels need to be excavated underground. The use of tunnel steel supports to keep tunnels unblocked and surrounding rock stable is of great significance to coal mine construction and production. It is of great significance for coal mine construction and production to keep the roadway unblocked and the surrounding rock stable.

The basic purpose of supporting the roadway is to ease and reduce the movement of the surrounding rock, so that the cross-section of the roadway will not be excessively reduced, and at the same time prevent the scattered and damaged surrounding rock from falling.
The effect of roadway supporting steel brackets is not only determined by the supporting force of the bracket itself, but also by the surrounding rock properties, the mechanical properties of the brackets (supporting force and shrinkability), the installation density of the brackets, the morning and evening of the installation time of the brackets, and the installation of the brackets. The influence of a series of factors, such as the quality and the way of contact with the surrounding rock (point contact or surface contact), is assumed.

Usually, in order to make the steel support play an active role in the process of adjusting and controlling the deformation of the surrounding rock, the support should be installed before the surrounding rock is loosened and damaged, so that the support can be connected with the surrounding rock when the surrounding rock is still self-supporting. Instead of waiting for the surrounding rock to be loosened and damaged, and almost completely lose its self-supporting force, then use the bracket to bear the weight of the falling rock. That is to say, the steel support and the surrounding rock should be jointly loaded under the condition of mutual restraint and mutual dependence.



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