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Characteristics Of U - Shaped Underground Roof Support

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Mine Roof Support

Underground Roof Support

Performance characteristics of galvanized u - shaped Underground Roof Support

U-shaped Underground Roof Support has simple structure, strong support ability, detachable, and can be reused. It is a support equipment for underground mines. Currently, there are three commonly used models, U25 and U36. There are many brands of cable bridge. In the coal mine in the safety of U-shaped Underground Roof Support, only need to make preparations in advance to play the column, and then by the outlet roof on the anchor rod with anchor cable support, on both sides of the roof with U-shaped cover top with wood, and then strengthen the usual frequency maintenance of the roof, so that U-type soft rock in the unstable thick coal seam open. According to the construction process specifications of different projects, cable Bridges are different.Underground Roof Support.

galvanized U-shaped Mine Roof Support, U-shaped Mine Roof Support has the advantages of high initial support, high support strength, convenient installation, not easy to deformation, so it is often used in the manufacture of roadway vent metal support, for mine roadway, secondary support of mine roadway, and support through the mountainous area.Mine Roof Support.



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