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Basic Introduction And Advantages Of Metal Underground Roof Support

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Underground Roof Support

Tunnel Roof Support

Steel Mine Supports

Basic Introduction And Advantages Of Metal Underground Roof Support

Metal Underground Roof Support is a kind of hinged roof beam, DJC type Tunnel Roof Support, which can be combined with various types of single metal pillars to form a metal bracket, a high-strength roof for coal mine support in horizontal and gently inclined mining faces.
Since this Tunnel Roof Support can cantilever support the roof above the conveyor lane in front of the coal wall of the working face, the DJB hinged roof beam allows a larger unsupported space between the coal wall and the pillar. DJC type metal roof beam provides conditions for the use of new coal mining machinery and flexible conveyors to achieve general mechanization of coal mining. DJC type metal Steel Mine Supports are a necessary supporting equipment for high-grade general mining and new high-grade mining technology.

The structure of the Steel Mine Supports are relatively reasonable, and the problems of inconvenience of hanging the beam, small swing angle and welding quality of the hinge part are solved.



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